Produce Rx

The Produce Prescription (Rx) Program is a county-wide nutrition incentive program provided to eligible participants. Produce Rx is a partnership between the Marion County Public Health Department, Community Health Network, Eskenazi Health, and Safeway Food Stores.

Produce Rx works to help foster healthier eating habits to prevent and manage chronic diseases. It provides a tool for healthcare professionals when providing dietary recommendations and allows for patients to follow through with those recommendations in order to improve their health.

A total of 20 participants will be enrolled in a 4-month pilot program starting this Fall (2019). Participants will attend monthly nutrition education classes to learn how to buy, cook, and eat with fruits and vegetables. For every class participants attend, they will receive Produce Rx vouchers to purchase fruits and vegetables from two Safeway Food Store locations.

Produce Rx vouchers are accepted at the following locations:

5040 E. 16th St. Indianapolis IN 46201; 317-353-8272

2435 N. Sherman Dr. Indianapolis IN 46218; 317-547-8528

Stores open Daily from 7:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.

For more information and opportunities to support Produce Rx, please contact Michelle Shippy, RDN at






Contact Info

To learn more about the Fresh Bucks program please contact the Nutrition Incentive Program Manager:

Marion County Public Health Department
2868 N Pennsylvania St.
Indianapolis, IN 46205
The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is designed to help low income individuals purchase food. If you are interested in learning more information or signing up call 211 or visit to find out if you are eligible (NS)