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What is fresh bucks

Fresh Bucks is a nutrition incentive program that provides the opportunity for individuals and families who utilize the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), recognized as Hoosier Works/EBT in Indiana, to purchase more fruits and vegetables from local farmers at participating Farmers Markets in Marion County.


North Church Farmers Market

The North Church Farmers Market at 38th and Meridian kicked off the season on July 7th. There is a great variety of produce and vendors to purchase from. Those who have a Hoosiers Work/EBT can visit the information table (at…

How it works

Got questions about Fresh Bucks?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use Fresh Bucks?

Find the market’s information booth.Tell them how much you would like to spend, then swipe your Hoosier Works card.Fresh Bucks will match up to $20 of what you plan to spend.You will receive checks to spend at the market with…

Do I get Fresh Bucks loaded onto my Hoosier Works card?

No.  You must have a balance on your Hoosier Works card in order to receive Fresh Bucks checks when you arrive at the participating farmers market.  …

What can I buy with Fresh Bucks?

Fresh Bucks can be used to purchase fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices, tree nuts, and seedlings for edible plants.

Where can I use Fresh Bucks? Which markets participate?

Check out the locations page for participating markets hours and locations.

Produce Prescription (Rx) Program

The Produce Prescription (Rx) Program* is a county-wide Retail Nutrition Program provided to eligible participants. Produce Rx is a partnership between the public health department, healthcare systems, and food retailers. Produce Rx works to help foster healthier eating habits to prevent and manage chronic diseases while improving nutrition insecurity and health. It provides a tool for healthcare professionals to refer their patients to receive nutrition education and financial incentives to purchase fresh vegetables and fruits. Produce Rx is facilitated by the Marion County Public Health Department and includes healthcare… Continue Reading


All donations that are provided to Fresh Bucks goes towards subsidizing the cost of the actual fruits and vegetables.  Fresh Bucks is a TRIPLE win as families get to purchase healthier foods for their families, improve health outcomes, and support the local food economy.

Become a Vendor

If you are a farmer or food producer that grows and sells fruits, vegetables, herbs, and/or edible plants and sells at a farmers market, you could be eligible to accept Fresh Bucks.  Learn what markets are distributing Fresh Bucks


We have a number of volunteer opportunities to help support our markets and the Fresh Bucks program.  Opportunities include volunteering at the farmers market with SNAP transactions and Fresh Bucks distribution, creating recipes, providing food demonstrations, and more!



Fresh Bucks and Produce Rx is made possible with funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health (REACH) Program.  The Marion County Public Health Department, Chronic Disease Department is the central administrator of Fresh Bucks and Produce Rx.