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What is Fresh Bucks?

Fresh Bucks is a nutrition incentive program, initially started by the Indy Hunger Network in 2013. This program allows individuals and families who utilize the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), recognized as Hoosier Works/EBT in Indiana, to purchase fruits and vegetables at farmers’ markets and local retail markets. The goal of Fresh Bucks is to provide the opportunity for individuals and families to eat healthier through better access and affordability.

How It Works

Fresh Bucks is a 2:2 dollar match of Hoosier Works EBT/SNAP card transactions at farmers markets, which will match participant SNAP dollars up to $20. For example, if a participant spends $20 of EBT/SNAP benefits they will then receive an additional $20 in Fresh Bucks, providing a total of $40 to spend at markets. Participants will locate the information tables at participating farmers markets where they will swipe their Hoosier Works EBT/SNAP card to receive SNAP tokens (which can be used towards any SNAP approved items) and then will receive a matched amount of Fresh Bucks checks, redeemable at any approved Fresh Buck produce vendor for fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, mushrooms, and seeds and seedlings of edible plants.


Visit the information booth/welcome table at a participating Farmers' Market.


Determine how much of your SNAP Hoosier Works dollars you would like to spend. Inform the volunteer assisting you how much you want to spend and then you will swipe your card for that amount and enter your pin. (transactions must be in increments of $2)


You will be provided SNAP tokens for the amount you withdrew from your Hoosier Works account. Fresh Bucks will match that amount, up to $20, in checks.


Spend your Fresh Bucks checks where you see "Accepted Here" Fresh Bucks signs at the market!

Contact Info

To learn more about the Fresh Bucks program please contact the Nutrition Incentive Program Manager:

Marion County Public Health Department
2868 N Pennsylvania St.
Indianapolis, IN 46205
The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is designed to help low income individuals purchase food. If you are interested in learning more information or signing up call 211. (NS)