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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Fresh Bucks work at Farmers Markets?

  1. Find the market’s information booth.
  2. Tell them how much you would like to spend using your EBT card, market will swipe your EBT for that amount.
  3. Fresh Bucks will then match $1 for $1, up to $20, loading it on a Fresh Bucks card.
  4. Use your Fresh Bucks card with any participating produce vendors for more fruits and vegetables.

Do I get Fresh Bucks loaded onto my Hoosier Works/EBT card?

No. You will receive tokens at farmers markets to spend on any SNAP eligible food items with an EBT transaction.  You must have a balance on your Hoosier Works card and spend your benefits to receive Fresh Bucks. (Use $20 of your EBT benefits, receive $20 of tokens AND an additional $20 on a Fresh Bucks card to buy fresh produce)

What can I buy with Fresh Bucks?

Fresh Bucks can be used to purchase any fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, edible plants and seedlings.

Where can I use Fresh Bucks? Which markets participate?

Check out the Locations page for participating outlets including hours and locations.

Can I only spend $20 of SNAP at the market?

No, you are welcome to spend as much or as a little of your SNAP benefits as you like, however we only match up to $20 of Fresh Bucks at farmers markets/farm stands and $10 at grocery stores per day. SNAP tokens must be spent at the market you receive them at. Fresh Bucks cards can be used at any participating markets (vendors), farm stands, or grocery stores. Feel free to ask the vendors at the farmers markets if they accept the Fresh Bucks card!  

What vendor booths will accept Fresh Bucks?

Use the Fresh Bucks card to purchase any fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, edible plants and seedlings. Signage has been provided to all vendors and markets. Feel free to ask if you do not see any signage.

How can I get more information or outreach materials about Fresh Bucks?

Visit our Resources Page for more information and printable documents. Contact the Nutrition Incentive Program Manager at

Can I buy meat, eggs, bread, jams, relishes, or dairy products with my Fresh Bucks?

No, you can only purchase fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, edible plants and seedlings with your Fresh Bucks card; however, the SNAP tokens that you receive can be spent on any SNAP eligible products.

Why do I get two different kinds of currencies?

SNAP is a federal program and requires a “scrip” (tokens) to be used to track distribution and redemption of SNAP dollars at farmers markets. Fresh Bucks utilizes different funding, therefore requiring its own “scrip” (Fresh Bucks card) to reimburse participating vendors who accept the card.

Does the Fresh Bucks card balance expire?

Yes, you have 6-months from the date you earned Fresh Bucks to when you must spend it. It is important to be consistent with earning and spending to avoid your funds from expiring.

Who qualifies for Fresh Bucks?

Anyone receiving SNAP benefits is automatically eligible for the program. If you have a Hoosier Works/EBT card, you are eligible to receive Fresh Bucks. You must first sign up at a Farmers Market info table or with a cashier at participating grocery stores to receive your card and start earning. Visit the Locations page for more details.

Does Fresh Bucks match Women, Infant and Children (WIC) and Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Programs?

No, Fresh Bucks does not currently match WIC or Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Programs. For more information about FMNP programs, visit the Indiana Department of Health website.

How does Fresh Bucks work at grocery stores?

When you use your Hoosier Works/EBT card, Fresh Bucks will match your fresh fruit and vegetable purchase, up to $10 per day. For every $1 you spend on fresh fruits and vegetables, you will earn $1 of Fresh Bucks. You will receive a Fresh Bucks card when you sign-up with a cashier for the first time (if you already received a card at a farmers market or farm stand, you do not have to sign up again, your cards are already synced). Funds are loaded on a Fresh Bucks card that you can turn around and use to spend on fresh fruits and vegetables. This card is reloadable and you can earn once a day, so always bring it with you to the stores!



Fresh Bucks and Produce Rx is made possible with funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health (REACH) Program and United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Gus Schumacher Nutrition Incentive Program. The Marion County Public Health Department, Chronic Disease Department is the central administrator of Fresh Bucks and Produce Rx throughout Marion County.